Egyptian Engineering Company

Egyptian Engineering Company ASME certified holder of “U” stamp, “S” stamp, and “R” stamp. Egyptian Engineering Company (EEC) fabricates custom designed pressure Vessels licensed by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). EEC acquires the latest fabrication technologies to guarantee superior quality for the final product. Egyptian Engineering Company has a huge base of satisfied clients throughout the middle east region, some of which are in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), UAE (United Arab Emirates), Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Jordon, Iraq, and other countries around the globe.

Dished Heads:EEC acquires the latest technologies in pressure vessels and dished heads fabrication. Our automated dished heads forming production line is capable of forming dished heads within the range of 6mm to 32mm thick and 600mm to 5000mm diameter.

Pressure Vessels:Egyptian Engineering Company has a vast experience in pressure vessels fabrication. Which paved the way to acquiring the ASME U stamp, ASME S stamp, National Board R stamp, and most of all building trust among our satisfied clients.

Water Hammer Protection Systems:The water hammer phenomenon happens when a sudden change in a fluid’s velocity in a pipeline. EEC uses the latest and most capable software simulation systems (KY-Pipe) to study every individual pipeline and assess the risk of water hammer (surge) to the pipeline or pump station. Then the technical office designs a suitable solution for every case to be manufactured, and installed.

Water Treatment:EEC provides various water treatment solutions. Ranging from containerized portable steel plants to concrete water treatment plants.Our reference projects vary from river water treatment, to well water treatment, and sewage water treatment.

Pressure Filters:EEC Filters is trusted product throughout the Middle East region. Years of supplying the region’s demand for pressure filters contributed to build that we have among our clients.